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Making Mamas Birth Services offers childbirth education, birth doula and postpartum services. Support is provided for many birthing locations, including, home births, hospital births and birth centers. Making Mamas is based in Belmont, North Carolina & services Gaston, Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. 

About Making Mamas

Empowering & supportive

I assist women during their pregnancy, labor and postpartum periods. I believe the journey you are on is about so much more than just making a baby, it is also about making a mama.. With each pregnancy and birth, not only is a new baby created but a new version of you. With my support, soon-to-be-moms will feel empowered to make informed decisions and feel confident in their bodies ability to have the birthing experience they desire.

I'm Kiersten. Wife, mom, & doula.

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"We were so grateful to have Kiersten for support through our pregnancy, birth and postpartum period"

"With her knowledge, we were able to advocate for ourselves and  we were able to have the all-natural birth we had always dreamed of, and avoid an unnecessary early induction. My labor was intense but with the techniques I learned, it was relatively quick and easy…truly a beautiful and amazing experience. She knows so much about the process and is able to put your mind at ease. We are so grateful for Kiersten, both my husband and I would have had a very different birthing experience if it weren’t for her support throughout the entire journey."


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